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Strengthen potentiality, Improve product quality, Step forward to the multiplex management of precise Industry, Develop the Market positively.

Gear is an Element of Machinery the Basis of industry

Gear is one of the key component for machine tool and industrial Machine, If it’s the primary comprised segment of various Machine, Thus the gear industry influence on the mechanical Industry and movement it’s production and development either. If it can’t make it sound the mechanical industry would be help up. If the gear industry is good or not would make relations to the development of specially machinery. It means a lot specially under the current tide of improving industrial upgrade.

High precise Gear Lays Forcible Foundation

The Leading Manufacturing of our company is to produce professional High precise gear since it was set up. It is hopeful to build a new mileage in this field to earn foreign currency. It’s well known that gear is one the elements for machine tool and industrial machinery. Which is comprehensively usable in the international competitive market but with uncertain quality. Our company has made great efforts for better quality and market grade with all our force as it has been set up. However, at the very beginning, we were drawn into a hard struggle, Mr. CHEN. The president of our company. Always holds the principles of “practicing diligence and Economy” working hard continuously and satisfying the requirements of customers. We develop ourselves to induct the automation production equipment with computerized research & development, lower cost and standardized & reasonable.

Quality Re-Promotion Step Forward to Higher Precise Technology and Industry

We keep on purchasing the newest CNC automation equipment and enlarging the factory buildings in current years to lead to automation production (The SHINTECH 2nd factory was completed for use on March 31, 1993) and to improved production and service quality. Now we only accept the manufacturing order and processing production of common advanced gears. But also develop positively new products to be engaged in the mass production of gears related to automobiles and motorcycles. Besides, we also cooperate with the MIRL/ITRI/ to develop the worm gear reducer have a contract with the MIRL/ITRI for aviation gears to crease new climax for quality & technology transfer of aviation gears industrial technology and science filed.

Main Products
  • GEAR
    Gears for Machine Tools
    Gears for Gear Reducer
    Gears for Automobile and Motorcycles
    Gears for Industrial Mechanical / Transmission
    Gears for Material Handling System
    Gears for Oil Pump
    Gears for Packing Printing Woodworking / Farm & Forest Food-industry / Machinery
    Gearbox Reducer
    Gearbox for Electric Hoist