Our Operating Policy

When it comes to quality, SHIN-SHIN is the Best!
If you want good quality, just find SHIN-SHIN!

Operating Objective

Enrich our strength.
Be positive and active in promoting our products on the market.
Advance toward multiplicity in precision industry.

Quality Control

Propose the CATP for each component to implement our Quality Assurance Policy for each component.
According to the CATP, Shin-Shin will bind our Strategic Partners to implement QA Policy.

Gear is an Element of Machinery the Basis of industry

Quality Re-Promotion Step Forward to Higher Precise Technology and Industry

Equipment Introduction
The Better Each Step is Controlled, The More Final Qulity is Insured
Capability for Grinding machine
Facility for Grinding machine

Products Introduction
Production line for Spiral Bevel Gear
Fittings, Valves & Hoses
Production line for Castings & Our Casting History

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